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It just takes a second and I’ll be so so thankful. As an added incentive, your vote enters you to win a fancy-pants knife.

Still don’t know what I’m talking about? My recipe for Wild Mushroom Ravioli was selected by Vegetarian Times magazine as a Chef’s Challenge 2009 finalist. The winner is decided by popular vote, à la American Idol. Take a second, vote, and tell me you did, I’ll be ever thankful.

Vote up my fellow ICE alum too:

Forbidden Risotto(Appetizer)

Curried Parsnip Soup (Soup)

Soba Pasta (Sides)

Wild Mushroom Ravioli (Entrée) <– Hey that’s me!

Oatmeal Cheesecake (Dessert)

Thanks a MILLION!!

  • Susan

    My vote is for Emily, we book clubbers stick together. Hopefully we will serve your wonderful recipe at book club!

    • Emily

      Thanks Book Club members! You guys are awesome! What are you reading now? I can develop a themed recipe to hold you over until I can visit.

  • http://www.communitymarkets.biz Becca

    Hi Emily, I voted for your delicious recipe! Good luck!

  • gail

    I voted for Celia’s niece. We Book Club members got to stick together!

  • Michelle

    My vote goes to Emily, Celia’s niece.
    Good Luck. Yum-yum !

  • Tammy

    Hi… I voted for Celia’s cousin!!! Good luck.

    • Emily

      Thanks Tammy!

  • Susan

    Hey – I voted! I would love to try this dish…hint, hint, Chef Emily!

  • Barb Benedict

    I voted for you. Sounds like a recipe I would love. I will try it.

  • Bridget


    • Emily

      Thanks Bridgit! I love you too!!

  • http://www.billyjoesboy.com Brad

    I voted! And I’m sober!

    • Emily


  • Eric C

    I voted! And i miss you guys!! I promise to sit down one of these days and sum up the last year in an email. Promise!

    • Emily

      Thanks Eric! Has it seriously been a year…?

  • Wes

    Hey! I voted! And I voted for you!

    • Emily

      Awesome! Thanks Wes!