Peach & Blue Cheese Bruschetta

These are awesome, especially paired with a glass of cold gewurztraminer and a sunset.

Slice the baguette into thin rounds. Brush with olive oil and rub with a garlic clove. Place on a cookie sheet and broil until toasted. Remove from heat and set aside.

In a sauté pan, heat the balsamic vinegar to a low simmer and reduce to a syrup consistency. Add the peaches, toss and cool slightly.

To assemble the bruschetta:
Smear about a tablespoon of blue cheese on a piece of toast. Top with a folded arugula leaf. Top that with a small scoop of peaches. Sprinkle with some chopped pistacios.

  • Julia Peterson

    Drool is bad for computer keyboards…. better go to the kitchen and put some of these together!!