The Chickens Came Home to Roost… Sort Of.

This weekend, we drove out east on Long Island to adopt four hens from my brother’s landlady who wanted to thin out her flock.

After a short ride in my father’s truck, we loaded them up into the backseat of my car and they were off on the most exciting adventure of their lives! They were going to New Jersey!

Also in for an adventure were me, Mark, and my 2-door Chevy Cobalt.

The Girls had never been in the backseat of a car before, let alone on the Belt Parkway. But they were just fine. Especially when we were in some stop and go traffic and they elegantly tried to keep their top-heavy selves upright. That was hilarious.

Finally we were in their new backyard. It was so humid that the camera lens kept fogging up.

But we plopped them into their new coop and it looked like they’d been here all along.

Little Ric, our Rhode Island Red, and named for our super helpful landlord, got right to work:

Julia Child, our araucana, was the first fugitive. Turns out she can fly and was captured prowling the lawn. She can do anything she wants, though, because she lays blue eggs.

Then it was time for bed and they had to figure out two things: How to get back inside and how to get up on the roost. Here’s August Escoffier explaining the procedure to Lil’ Ric:

Let’s just say that they figured out how to get inside. The roost? That is a lesson for another day.

Did you read about how we built our coop? Want to build your own? Click here for some inspiration!

  • Aunt Diane

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of the pics of all of you…hens and humans! I miss you all…xo. PS. Mark- great gouda shirt! 😉

  • JDP sr

    Definitely each hen needs her own blog AND Facebook page

  • aunt maureen

    Adorable pics and captions! Thanks for brightening my day.

  • Nora

    Great pictures….looks like so much fun for you two and the hens. Blue eggs???? Who knew. Perhaps the hens will need their own Facebook page. hahah.