Blondie Catastrophe

In an effort to remind you (and myself) that in cooking, there is no failure so great that you best not try at all. Hell, there’s always take out.

I submit, Example A:


Occasionally I like to send something sweet to my clients, potential clients, my accountant and/or lawyer, to remind them that I am here and either available for hire (the former) or in need of discounted help (the latter.) I won’t tell you for whom these blondie bars were intended for, but I will tell you that I no longer trust the skewer-comes-out-clean trick as a measure for a baked good’s doneness, as my skewer was clean when the above incident took place. I also no longer trust a particularly famous food blogger’s recipes, as this is the second that failed miserably, so I won’t bother passing it along so that you can have the same traumatic afternoon.

I’ll also point out that I have been cooking since I could see over the stove and have graduated from culinary school and still, two things happen: I still make rustic, unfussy blondies, and not fancy things with French names or puff pastry. And, I mess up. I hope that sharing my less-than-stellar results affirms for you that yes, the world will continue turning and even better, you may solve your next ice cream flavor conundrum with the results of your disaster. Mark and I will be enjoying Vanilla-Blondie Custard for the next week.

So get cooking! If you don’t make mistakes, then you aren’t cooking often enough. Besides, there’s always pizza!



  • Grandma

    Ask your Dad about “Pineapple Dainty” or “Stuffed Zucchini.” …or the “Frozen Cranberry Sauce.”

  • JDP sr

    The column that needs to be in every cook’s mind from time to time. My personal favorite (although it happened to my mom, an all-star cook) was when the gingerbread crawled out of the pan onto the walls of the oven while cooking. X-files comes to life!

  • Patricia

    If that was my mistake, it would never have lasted long enough to get into ice cream! And as a baker I, too, have my fair share of disasters. Those of us lucky enough to have chickens know that they will quickly gobble up, and be grateful for, any disasters rendered inedible for human consumption!!