For a few weeks now, I’ve been trying to read your minds and have decided that the best answers to my questions will come from you directly.

You may have noticed that the last two posts you received were not food related. I’ve been writing The Gourmand & the Peasant as a food-focused website for nearly three years (in the early years as In the Making, if any of y’all have been around that long!) and am looking forward to some exciting changes, including:

• Broadening the subject matter so that The Gourmand & the Peasant becomes representative of a whole lifestyle, both in and beyond the kitchen

• Introducing new writers and producers who have the voice and the vision that reflects the readership of The Gourmand & the Peasant and moving towards a digital magazine, incorporating more media and interactivity

• Getting our feet wet in the awesome new technologies that have become available since I started writing this as a humble blog in the pre-App and iPad days

What I don’t want to do is alienate any of you who have come to rely on this blog for what it is right now: a home base for recipes and kitchen anecdotes from yours truly. The archive of recipes will always be around and will continue to grow.

I’m hoping that you are as excited as I am about the evolution of this space. I’m also hoping that you will leave comments and provide the feedback that I read and rely on.

If you think this a terrible idea, let me know! I have tough skin. Just give me a few reasons why you are feeling the way you are and I’ll truly weigh all of your insights and opinions.

Or, if you are thrilled to read more about ways to make your home and life more awesome, I’m chomping at the bit to share some awesome new stories with you and the Stuff ones were just me warming up.

Thank you infinitely for your continued support and I want to hear you say “Hell yeah, girl!”

  • Diane Carson

    Hell yeah,girl!