Bread & Butter Jalapenos

Here’s a new video! Yummy pickled jalapenos: sweet, spicy and just begging for a sandwich to decorate. Complete with a lesson on basic canning.

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  • Emily

    Hi Donald,

    Thank you as always for your thoughtful comment! I have been eating these on EVERYTHING! I just moved and so they have been helping dress up frozen pizza, and a friend inspired me to eat them on toast, as you suggested, smeared with goat cheese – fabulous!

    Here’s a link to the USDA guidelines for safe canning practices:

  • Donald Urquhart

    Who would have thought that pickling jalapenos could be such a good idea? These sound really awesome and like they’d be really good on a sandwich, or in dip, or as a laying around snack, or any number of things. The absolute best thing I can think of off the top of my head is to toast some really good, sturdy, whole grain bread or a whole grain bagel and top it off with cream cheese and some of these. People who fear the spice should add a glass of milk, of course. Just as a side note, please remember to only use modern canning recipes that have been tested for altitude, especially for low acid vegetables like peppers.

    Donald from Fast Weight Loss