“You should be writing more,” said The Universe.

If I had a dollar for every time I got this message loud and clear in the month that I’ve ignored my writing, I’d be rich. Well, maybe not rich, but I could probably eat out at a fancy New York City restaurant. Why no writing? Let’s recap:

1. We moved from Jersey City and are now the caretakers of a historic farm in northern New Jersey. My apartment has, over the past 100 years been a pole barn, carriage house, calving barn, and most appropriately, a chicken coop. Now renovated and modernized (meaning it has heat and oftentimes hot water) it is our little bohemian cottage in the woods.

2. We adopted a puppy and got a pickup truck. This was part of the agreement in the great move to The Farm. I’ll leave the city (which truthfully I’ve been ready for and planning for for a couple of years) if I can get a puppy and a pickup truck. I got both on the same day last week. Meet Rooster, a five-month-old hound mix from the shelter. We are still working on being photogenic and not peeing on the floor.

I’m teaching and going back and forth to the city once a week or so, but am truly settling in to my new surroundings.

What I haven’t been doing much of is writing despite the fact that strangers, horoscopes, dreams, my husband, the television, everything is screaming WRITE MORE.

I was watching Alan Sorkin being interviewed on The View a few weeks back and he was asked about a quote he’d given to a magazine regarding his creative process. He said that it took him eight months to write the opening dialogue of The Social Network. When asked what he was doing for those eight months, he replied:

To the casual observer, it looked a lot like me sitting on my couch, watching ESPN.

And in that moment, I found my new mentor. For better or for worse, I write in fits and starts and cook and teach the same way and while I could promise to be better about a schedule, instead I’m going to say that I am writing, it just sometimes looks a lot like me sitting on my couch watching People’s Court.

Finally, I have (if they are still talking to me) an awesome variety of new freelance voices who have answered the call to come and write for me so that you have something to read while I am going through one of my “creative periods.” So I’ll try getting my act together soon rather than later and sending some righteous new content your way.

In the meantime, Judge Alex is calling my name.

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    Congratulations Emily! On all of it: your new home, your new life, and your beautiful new fur baby. Enjoy your creative sabbatical– we all need them once in a while : )