How-To Video Short: Super Easy Homemade Whipped Cream

This is the first (of many!) shorts I produced with the Astor Center team. It’s a very simple how-to video on making your own whipped cream! With spring technically here, this would be a perfect topping for mimosas & bellinis or cakes and ice cream!

Next time you’re in the dairy section, leave the cool whip and reach for the whipping cream!

Leave me a comment and let me know how it turned out and what you did with it!

  • Pkmars

    ¬†Emily! You’re so confident on camera–this is great! xo P

    • Emily

      Thanks Pete! I get better every time the little red light comes on!

  • Nora Mulrooney

    Love the website redo and the new video clips. Major upgrades. Looks wonderful…..keep up the good work.

    • Emily Peterson

      Thanks Nora! We’ve been rolling it all out slowly and quietly until we worked out all *fingers crossed* the kinks. Thanks for the feedback – I’m super proud of what we’ve accomplised so far and many more to come!

  • P. Kirigin

    The video is fine, music a little loud. One missed point. Look for pasteurized cream, not ultra-pasteurized.

    • Emily Peterson

      Thanks for the feedback! I actually used ultra pasteurized as it was all I could find at the grocery store and it turned out just fine. I did mention that too, but alas the point was left on the editing room floor!