Patriotic Cake!

Best laid plans, right? I’d hoped to get you guys way more info for this weekend, but my butt got kicked by a cruel summer cold. Who gets a cold in the summer?! Me, I guess. Here’s a cute cake to make this weekend. Super easy, festive and delicious!


1. Make yourself a simple sponge cake, angel food, pound cake, devil’s food, whatever you like. Use a pan that’s vaguely the proportions of the flag.

2. When the cake is completely cool, make stiff whipped cream (here’s a how to video) and smear a thin layer over the cake. Put the rest of the whipped cream in a pastry bag fitted with a fluted tip, or a gallon zip top bag and snip one corner off. Set aside.

3. Line up the raspberries in a couple of rows.

4. Fill in between the rows with pipped whipped cream, including where the stars go.

5. Dot the upper left corner with some blueberries.