How-To Video Short: Blanching Asparagus

Blanching is a quick and simple cooking technique to keep veggies like asparagus, broccoli and string beans bright green and crisp. Toss some blanched asparagus into a salad, risotto or even serve it on its own with a little lemon juice and sea salt. Whatever you mix it up with, don’t let blanching intimidate you – it’s easy!

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  • judd

        Terrific video-I was trying to remember how to blanch spring vegetables (I’m making some green beans tonight). This video shows how easy it can be to do so. One small critique of the video. The music mix might be a little too loud. The music is great however-just a bit too loud, and competes with your speaking. Looking forward to taking the shellfish class with you at Astor next month. Judd Cady

    • Emily

      Hi Judd! Thanks for the feedback. Hope your veggies were delicious. Point taken on the music note. I’ll relay to my production dudes. Have a great weekend!