Introducing Our Newest Contributors!


Mia Berg, Contributing Dessert Writer

Mia Berg

Mia Berg is a Brooklyn and Hamptons based artist who is maintaining a life-long love affair with food.  In her contributions to this blog, she has finally found a place to merge her love of concocting delicious things, taking mouth watering photos, and an affinity for writing in the first-person.  Being a native of Göteborg, Sweden, Mia incorporates her Scandinavian sensibility into many aspects of her life, mostly in the form of Swedish Pancakes.


Sarah Haden, Contributing Dessert Writer

Sarah Haden

Lifelong sweet tooth Sarah Haden is an amateur (but enthusiastic) baker and candy maker whose goal is to create gourmet desserts and elaborate treats in a small kitchen with a small budget. By day, she is a senior production manager at a cookbook publishing house, and loves reading, traveling, vegetable gardening, and scary movies. Her favorite candy is cotton!


Mardi Miskit, Contributing Gluten-Free & Vegetarian Food Writer

Mardi Miskit

Mardi Miskit is our go-to lady for all things gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan, although she is not strictly any of the three. While she typically follows such a diet, she can’t resist a fresh baked baguette and creamy chèvre and still indulges in these delicacies when the mood strikes. The daughter of a chef, food and cooking are in her blood and over the past few years she has channeled her love of all things delicious and local into her personal food blog and as the host of a vegetarian supper club in Brooklyn.