Cold Burger

Its been brought to my attention that Cold Burger is not something that everyone does. People! I implore you! This is one of my favorite meals:

Cold Burger

How to Make Cold Burger

1. If you are ordering a restaurant burger, cut it in half as soon as it is delivered to the table. Take half to go. This does not work with fast food burgers. If you are making burgers at home, make an extra, and dress it up exactly as you do all the others for immediate consumption.

2. Wrap snugly and put in refrigerator over night.

3. The next day or the day after that, eat Cold Burger with lots of ketchup, preferably standing at the counter.

That’s it, but there are some important details:

• If your burger is rare, the blood will soak the bottom bun and then congeal in the fridge. This is awesome.

• Don’t skimp on pickles or lettuce. The crunch & vinegar are important flavor and texture componants.

• Skip tomatoes if it isn’t tomato season. (Although this is a rule for life, not just Cold Burger.) If you do use tomato, make sure there is a lettuce layer between the bun and the tomato.

• Soft buns like brioche or english muffins work best for bread. If the bread gets stale, pitch it and wrap Cold Burger in a big lettuce leaf when ready to eat.

• Cold Burger is especially delicious if you are hungover.

Hopefully, this post will change your life.

  • princess_strawberries

    i just ate a cold burger. i love the taste of cold beef with pickles and onion and mustard and ketchup…glad i’m not the only one!

  • Ted

    I make thin hamburgers, put them between 2 slices of bread with catsup and mayo, wrap them in plastic wrap while still hot, and then put them in the freezer for 75-85 minutes, before eating. Delic! So much better than when hot. I was wondering if anyone else did anything like this.

  • Judd

    I’m sitting here at my desk laughing out loud imagining you standing at the counter eating a “cold burger” I’ve been doing this for years and had no idea that it was a gourmand selection…

    P.S. bring back the Astor Wine cooking classes!