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In addition to being the writer of The Gourmand & the Peasant, Emily Peterson has extensive experience as a teacher, guest speaker, culinary instructor and recipe writing extraordinaire. Available for conferences, team building workshops, corporate retreats, classroom visits and cooking demonstrations, as well as a New York area culinary guide, let Emily brighten your next event with her charm and experience.


Recent Media Appearances:

A Rainbow of Salt ~ July 25, 2011

Best Things To Do Tonight In New York City CBS New York ~ June 17, 2011

8 Great Ideas for the Grill ~ June 17, 2011

How to Cook an Easter Bunny Fox Foodie Column, ~ April 19, 2011

“Morning Living” on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius/XM Radio ~ November 22, 2010

New York Times interactive feature Readers’ Barbecue Recipes ~ September 2, 2010

“Morning Living” on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius/XM Radio ~ August 6, 2010

Wild Mushroom Ravioli in Sage & Brown Butter Sauce Vegetarian Times ~ January 2010 Print Edition

Daily Connection on National NBC Stations ~ Check local listings


Topics of Expertise Include:

• Cooking Fearlessly!

• Farmer’s Market Basket Cooking

• Seasonality/Sustainabilty – Organic vs. Local

• Urban Farming & Backyard Food Production (How to Build a Chicken Coop; How to Grow a Kitchen Garden)

• Kitchen Bootcamp: The Basics

• From No Cook, to Good Cook, to Great Cook: Adventures in the Beginner’s Kitchen

• Demystifying New & Strange Ingredients: Lobster Primer, Artichokes 101, Oysters 101, Home Sausage Making, Big & Little Game, Eating Nose to Tail

• Starting & Building a Food Blog: From Your Kitchen to Your Audience

• How to Live Your Passion & Change Your Life: Cubicle Nightmare to Culinary Success

Emily can also help journalists, authors, and producers create compelling copy by providing insight into the world of cooking, urban farming, sustainability, food & recipe writing, blogging and following your passion to the job of your dreams.

Suggested Interview Questions:

• What are the first steps that someone needs to take when they decide to learn to cook at home?

• Do you have any tips for turning a canvas bag of farmers market produce into a delicious meal without any recipes?

• What are the keys to cooking fearlessly, especially for someone who’s never cooked before?

• Do you need a lot of space to have an urban farm?

• How do you choose between local food and organic food?

• How did you decide to leave your career and become successful in the culinary world?

• What was your biggest culinary disaster?





What Others are Saying About Emily:

“At a recent cooking class, instructor Emily Peterson created what may have been the best dessert ever made at Astor Center: It was a fairly straightforward dish: an apple-rhubarb compote with a quick shortcake and whipped cream. Impressively, she made the dessert without using a recipe – in fact, the title of her class that day was “Cooking from the Greenmarket: A Recipe-Free, Hands-On Workshop.” Yet every part of the dish was executed perfectly – a fact that everyone in attendance could appreciate. It was the sort of dish that shows what a cook can achieve when she trusts and relies on her senses – both at the greenmarket and in the kitchen – and when she allows what’s in season to determine what she puts on the table.” – Astor Center eNewsletter, May 26, 2010

“Emily is exceptional. She has solid knowledge of cooking techniques and traditions, and she easily shares that knowledge with those around her.  Emily also has a very firm grasp of the issues surrounding food and sustainability, and was an integral part of the success of our restaurant concept” – Brent Sims, Executive Chef, The Green Table, NYC

“As someone who has filmed and directed people from many different professional backgrounds I can say that it isn’t always easy to prepare people for life in front of the camera. That being said, there are a few individuals who just have a knack for it and Emily is one of them. Her high energy, enthusiasm and professionalism make her a pleasure to work with and she practices one of the most important qualities in this business… patience.” Michael Claeys, Director/Producer

“The class with Emily was unbelievable. My friend and I had such a good time. Emily was an excellent instructor, the food was delicious, and everyone else who was working that night was more than accomodating. I would definitely take another class with Emily!” – Allison C., Miller Place, NY

“Having worked in a busy kitchen with Emily, I can truly appreciate her calm, cool, collection as well as her fun, fearless energy. She is certainly a person who will gladly take on any task you hand her, and soon after, master it!” Ori Cosantino,


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